Why Clients choose us

Metal fabrication experience and ability.

Our motivation comes from the understanding that our clients require the right parts, at the right size, right now.

Knowledge and experience.

Expereince in running metal working equipment and with understanding complex client projects.

We put our clients’ customers first.

Quality is in everything we do, from training our machinists to finished products.

Emergency fabrication.

We’ve heard it all, from vendors to work shortages, whatever your case is. We’ll get your product to you.

The Beginning

Sun Sheet metal was founded in 1972. The company primarily fabricated and installed restaurant equipment including counter tops, dish tables and hood ventilation systems.

The Past

In 2004 the company traded hands. Since then Sun Sheet Metal has responded to the need in the market for high-end custom work. In addition to the traditional sheet metal fabrication operations of shearing, bending, punching, sawing, welding, polishing, and assembly, the company has recently committed to building a competency in custom metal fabrication and high-end architectural metal, specializing in stainless steel.

The Present

Today Sun Sheet Metal is viewed as one of the top sheet metal fabricators in Las Vegas NV. We are proud of our company and work very hard to keep our customers satisfied. Our company continues to grow and expand and we thank all of our customers and friends that make it possible. Sun Sheet Metal appreciates your business and we are happy to serve you.